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Defender Courses

Learn to be a better defender in just one weekend. That's the idea our Defender Courses are built on. In our Defender Courses, we focus on Self Defense at all ranges. We work on the mental aspects, empty hand, blunt force, knife, and pistol.

Level 1 builds the foundation, Level 2 takes everything to a whole new level, and Level 3 continues on plus puts it all to a test with Force-on-Force training. 

Defender Level 1

Our Level 1 course builds the foundation for all of our more advanced levels. 


In our Level 1 Course you will learn the importance of the mental side of self defense, the basics of empty hand self defense, fighting with a blunt force self defense tool, a knife, and a pistol.


Defender Level 2

Our Level 2 course builds on the foundations that you built in Level 1.


In our Level 2 Course you will learn:

-Verbal and Non Physical Skills to keep you from being selected as a target

-Striking for self defense from standing and on the ground 

-Using and Defending against a knife from standing and on the ground

-Defensive shooting around barriers and while moving

-And much more!  

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Defender Level 3

More Information Coming Soon.

Coming Soon!
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