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We love Atomic Bear! They offer awesome, high quality products with a Lifetime Warranty. 

Use the coupon code IMPACTDEFENSE to get 20% off of anything you purchase!


SIRT is, without a doubt the best laser training guns on the planet in my opinion. The triggers in the pistols give you the most realistic feel. 

Use the coupon code IMPACTDEFENSE to get 10% off anything you purchase!


Nick Drossos is an awesome Defensive Tactics Instructor. He also has some very good online courses that will help you become much more confident in your self defense ability.

Propper Tactical Gear has great Everyday Carry Apparel, along with apparel for those on the front lines, as well as knives, multitools, and much, much more!

Brownells has all of the supplies you need for your firearms. Whether you are looking for guns, gun parts, ammo, reloading supplies, and more, check them out!

If you are in the market for long term food storage, you will not find a better product than Valley Food Storage. They use only simple and natural ingredients and have a 25 year shelf life.  

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