Would you like to host an Impact Defense Workshop? 

Impact Defense has 10 different workshops and courses you can choose from, or we can customize a unique seminar to bring to your group. Groups can consist of family members, co-workers, church groups, businesses, security teams, law enforcement, etc.

If you would like to host an event, you would be the event organizer. You would secure a location (church, community center, etc) for the Workshop or Course. You would receive $10/attendee for your efforts in organizing the event. Some of our seminars have had as many as 45 attendees at a time. You would choose the type of seminar, and we could even plan multiples for the same day. We would also provide you the information and help you market the seminar in your area. We would also provide the necessary paperwork.

Our Current Lineup Of Seminars

4 Hr Women’s Self Defense and Abduction PreventionWorkshop- $49/Person


4 Hr Ground Survival Workshop- $49/Person


4 Hr Weapon Survival Workshop- $49/Person

4 Hr Advanced Training For Concealed Carry: How to Get To Your Gun Under Pressure- $49


4 Hr Active Shooter Response Workshop- $49/Person


4 Hr Kid Safe and Abduction Prevention Workshop- $49/Person


4 Hr Teen/College Safe With Abduction Prevention Workshop- $49/Person


4 Hr Family Safe With Abduction Prevention Workshop- $49/Person

8 Hr Pistol 1 Course- $99/Person

8 Hr Rifle 1 Course- $99/Person


10 Hr Self Defense Course- $99/Person

20 Hr Integrated Combatives Level 1, 2, or 3 Course- $189/Person

You can also combine any 2 of the 4 Hr courses into an all day event for $89/person. Or 2 separate events on the same day i.e. Women’s Self Defense in the morning and Kid Safe in the afternoon. We would do a 1 hour lunch in between.

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Gun Safety Course!

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