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If I Had To Start All Over Again...

Reflecting on my self defense journey, I am very happy with how I got to where I am. But, if I were to start over today, especially at my age, my approach would be geared toward accelerating my proficiency in all aspects of self defense. While there's no magic formula, a strategic and comprehensive plan could streamline the learning process.

1. Join a Gym:

The initial step on my renewed self defense journey would involve joining a gym dedicated to building strength and fitness. A robust physical foundation is crucial for practical self defense. Regular workouts enhance overall health and lay the groundwork for the demanding aspects of martial arts training.

2. Learn First Aid and CPR:

Understanding first aid and CPR is a non-negotiable aspect of self-defense. Accidents and emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. Equipping oneself with the knowledge to provide immediate medical assistance is a valuable life skill and an integral part of being a responsible and prepared individual.

3. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Gym:

For a well-rounded skill set, enrolling in an MMA gym would be my next move. MMA training combines striking, grappling, and groundwork, providing an excellent foundation for self defense. The diverse techniques learned in MMA translate seamlessly to real-world scenarios, making it an ideal starting point for anyone serious about self defense.

4. Combatives Training (Krav Maga, etc.):

Building on the foundation laid by MMA, I would delve into combatives training. Krav Maga, known for its focus on practical self defense, would be a possible choice. This type of specialized training refines techniques for real-world encounters, emphasizing quick, efficient, and instinctive responses to various threats.

5. Knife Training:

Expanding my skill set, I'd incorporate training with edged weapons. Understanding how to use and defend against a knife is critical to personal safety. This knowledge adds layers to my self defense proficiency and enhances my overall situational awareness.

6. Firearms Training:

I would progressively introduce firearm training to cover the spectrum of self defense scenarios. Starting with handguns and then moving on to rifles, I prioritize safety, responsible ownership, and marksmanship. This phase ensures I am prepared for situations where firearms are a viable option for self defense.

7. Ongoing MMA Training:

Throughout my journey, I would maintain consistent MMA training. The dynamic and evolving nature of mixed martial arts ensures that my skills stay sharp and I remain adaptable to different scenarios. MMA acts as a constant thread, weaving together the various elements of self defense.

8. Seminars for Continuous Growth:

Attending one or two seminars annually would be pivotal to staying at the forefront of self defense techniques. Seminars provide opportunities to learn from experts, refine existing skills, and gain insights into the latest developments in self defense.

In conclusion, this holistic approach – from physical fitness to specialized self defense techniques and firearm proficiency – forms a roadmap for expedited growth. Following this strategic plan can build a comprehensive skill set that ensures readiness for a wide range of situations, fostering a sense of confidence and security. Remember, self defense is a journey, not a destination; there's always room for improvement.

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