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In Self Defense, You Are Always At A Disadvantage

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

As much as we hate to admit it, when you are in public, and you are put into a self defense situation you WILL BE at a tactical disadvantage. You are forced to react to something happening. This is why training and practice are so important. At best, you will be at a 1.5 second deficit once an attack starts. You need to practice so you have a response preprogrammed in your mind and body so you can react immediately.

This takes a lot of practice. Which is why in our seminars we ask everyone to practice the techniques we work on so you can actually use them in real life. According to studies, in order for a technique to be natural, you need to practice a technique 300-500 times. So regular practice is very important. A good friend of mine likes to use the quote, “When you find yourself in a self defense situation, you do not rise to the occasion, you fall to your lowest form of training.” This is why practice is so important.

For those of us who train often; we do not train because we love violence, we train because we love those that stand beside us.

You never know when an attack may happen, so stay sharp, stay focused, and train hard.


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