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Making Your Door Harder to Break Into

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Many people think that security installation is a complex thing. The movie depiction where a team of security installing a state-of-art security system in a house plays a part. But the same movie also shows that even a high-tech system can be broken into.

A good defense, or in this case having the best protection for your door, will ensure your security for many years to come. Securing your door is more than having a proper lock. Even the most high-tech system is unable to give you the best protection if you don't have the basics.

Why a lock and key alone are not enough

Lock and key combo is the most basic protection you can give to your family. Unfortunately, it gives a false sense of security thanks to how easy it is to kick a door in.

So what should you do then? Should you rely on the lock and pray that you will be safe? Or will you take the extra step to ensure safety?

Four Items to Fortify your door

Here are some of the most popular security measures you can adopt at home. Of course, you can combine some of these items to heighten security. But any addition also needs to accommodate other family members. Some of the older generations may have issues with the items you choose.

So make sure that any choices you make will help everyone to feel safe at home. Finding a middle ground may not be easy but necessary. Before installation, communicate your decision with everyone so they understand your priorities.

Security chain and stops

These are some of the most common protection items you have at home. The major advantage is that it can be very cheap. Plus, you can install it yourself. Yes, it also means you can have multiple chains at your door.

However, these are weak and may not be able to protect you. The problem with a security chain is how easy to break it. When you open the door, the chain is tense and makes it easy to break. Someone will only need to do a couple of hard kicks or push their body to the door to break the chain.

The same goes for the door stopper. Just like a lock, it gives a false sense of security. Most door stoppers work fine. But when it comes to protection, you need more than just fine.

Nowadays, some door stoppers also can function as an alarm. But that leads to the question, why didn't you get a proper alarm system instead? Remember, an alarm only works as an alert to buy you some time for handling the threats.

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Security Bars

Another option worth installing is the security bar. The bar is very straightforward in protecting you.

The problem with the security bar is that it gets complicated for the elderly or those with health issues. For example, someone with Parkinson's disease or Alzheimer's may have problems with the bar.

You want a security system that works in a multitude of ways. But at the same time, the system has to be easy to operate. The last thing you want to do is fumble with the numerous keys and locks just to get out of the house.

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Wide-Angle Peephole

You may not be aware that there are several types of peepholes that you can have for your front door. The most popular one is the standard peephole that gives you a 160-degree view.

Another popular option is to have a wide-angle peephole. This type will give you a better view of the background. Wide-angle also has a larger lens, so you don't have to stand too close to the door to see on the other side.

Another thing you need to know is that peephole is a sturdy item that won't break easily. Despite what numerous movies show you, a knife or a bullet won't easily penetrate the peephole without breaking the door.

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Video Doorbells

You're only half correct if you think this is only a fancy upgrade from the peephole. Video doorbells can do a lot more than a peephole. As you don't have to stand up from where you are.

Some video doorbells already include an app for your phone and tablets. You may not be at home, yet you can see the same view with the screen you have at home. It's just like you're standing behind the door. Anyway, unlike CCTV, some video doorbell apps allow you to interact with your guests.

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Setting up a secure home is more than just installing the necessary protections. It's about giving you and all family members the comfort of knowing they are safe inside the house.

You can start with having a solid and sturdy door. Most people forget this base and jump to the high-tech solution without doing basic research.

Another thing you need to pay attention to is the other doors and windows you have at home. You have to know whether they are easy to open from the outside or whether someone will use the door to get inside.

If you have a large dog and installed a pet door, you need to find another safety measure for your house. Have a look at the variety of options until you get the best one that is within your budget, easy to operate, and works well with everybody in the house.

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