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Self Defense Training is Safety Insurance

Think about all the things we put insurance on; pets, cars, health, houses, and our lives. Life insurance, however, has a quite literal “fatal flaw”, in order to “cash in” you have to die. Allow me to introduce you to a new kind of insurance. Few people use it ,even though, it comes with no long term cost, no small print loop-holes, and best of all you don’t have to die for it to be worth something! I’m talking about safety insurance.

Self defense is nothing short of an insurance policy on your safety. By training and absorbing a knowledge of self defense, you have the ability to “cash in” when, or even before, something happens.

Beginning by simply being aware of what’s around you (see Cooper’s Color Code) and stretching all the way to tactics for defending against a weapon and beyond, you never know or expect needing to cash in so being prepared is vital.

Here lies the issue. The majority of people spend more time on social media in a week than they do in their entire lives learning safety insurance. The thing that usually catches people’s attention is something happening and not having safety insurance when they need it. This trend is extremely unfortunate and ultimately it is rather sad that someone must get hurt in order to understand the importance of their own safety.

Do you have safety insurance? Are you up to date on the latest policy? Are you aware of the many options for it out there?

Visit now for more information!

Why Wait?

- Jada

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