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What Happens BEFORE An Attack? Pt 2

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

We are talking in this series of articles about the things that happen before an attack. As we discussed last time, we have an acronym that I learned from former executive bodyguard Nick Hughes, SIVA.

S- Selection

I- Isolation

V- Verbal Contact

A- Approach

Today we are going to talk about Isolation. Once a criminal has selected you, it is their goal to isolate you in order to control you. Remember, it all begins with awareness. If you have been selected as a criminal's target, you can still keep yourself from being isolated with awareness.

You want to avoid being isolated at all costs. When you are isolated, you are much more likely to be victimized. Sometimes you can be selected by a criminal if you are already isolated and are perceived to be an easy target. Try to walk with others, especially if it is after dark.

You want to avoid being isolated anywhere with people that have not earned your complete trust. This one sometimes is a little more difficult. But sometimes people will try to earn your trust in order to isolate you. You need to be willing to keep people at arm's length until they have truly earned your trust.

Sometimes our habits on social media make it easier for people to isolate us. Make sure you do not give too much information out about your regular schedule. Check your privacy settings on social networks and make sure your locations are not tagged every time you post.

Remember, even if you have been selected by a criminal you can still avoid being a target by being aware and keeping your distance.

I had a student who was followed around Walmart by someone with ill intentions. She had been selected, but she was able to keep herself from being isolated by being aware and knowing where the guy was. She also made eye contact and did everything she could to let him know she would not be an easy target. Through being aware, and not allowing herself to be isolated, she was able to get to her vehicle and leave without incident. You never know when an attack may happen, so stay sharp, stay focused, and train hard.


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