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What Is Self Defense?

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

I would like to ask you a fairly simple question.

What is self defense?

Is it fighting like in MMA?

I used to fight in MMA. I wish a self defense situation would go like that. I usually had anywhere from 4-12 weeks to train before a fight. I knew who I was fighting, so I could look him up on YouTube and see how he fought. I knew that he would never pull out a weapon while in a fight. I knew that there would be padding under my feet, and a referee in the ring with us for both of our safety. I wish self defense was like that. That would be like knowing, I’m going to be attacked at an ATM in 3 weeks at 4:35pm by a guy who is 6’ tall and 220 pounds. My friend will bring the mats for us to fight on and will also be there to make sure that we both follow the rules.

MMA is awesome, and it builds awesome fighting skills, but it is still a sport.

To put is very simply, self defense is stopping the threat. Whether you rip an attacker’s head off and punt it across the road, or you talk an attacker down and walk away, it is the same result.

So the goal of self defense is to stop a threat before it becomes violent if at all possible. If that doesn’t work, then we should end the situation physically as fast as possible.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe, and Train Hard


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