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You Can’t Rely Only On That!

Hey, today we are going to talk about self defense tools. There are many self defense tools- guns, knives, blunt force objects, tactical pens, pepper spray, and the list goes on. I am a huge advocate of carrying a self defense tool on you at all times. I am also aware that there are some places you cannot carry anything like this with you. Have you ever tried to go to your local courthouse? Or a college or professional sporting event?

You may say that you won’t go anywhere that you can’t carry SOMETHING. The truth of the matter is, even if you have your weapon on you, 96% of all encounters for civilians and police happen inside of 20 feet. Most of them happen within arms distance. That is close! Now the gun is the best self defense tool, but when an attack starts that close you will not be able to reach for your gun. Unfortunately, if you reach for your gun when someone is that close to you, the attacker can grab your arm and stop you from using it, or worse use their weapon. It happens all too often. There was a recent video where someone pulled a gun and shot someone. A Concealed Carry permit holder was standing near the attacker when it happened, pulled his own gun, and the attacker shot him as well. The lesson learned here needs to be that if you are close to an attacker with a weapon, even if you are not the target, you do not have enough time to draw a weapon in most cases without training. Just so you know, watching YouTube videos does not count as training.

Now, before you write me off as another martial artist who is trying to discredit guns for self defense, I say this as a pistol and rifle instructor, and an instructor for Concealed Carry Permits. I strongly believe in Concealed Carry for self defense. It just does not make you a super hero like so many people seem to think.

Remember the quote, “You are the weapon, the gun is just the tool”. Many people say this, but then they act as if the gun is all they need. You need to train for any situation, and that means with a tool and without a tool. There are many of good options to get good training out there. You can even get good training virtually now. Please take your own personal safety seriously and get some training so you can deal with threats with your tools, and even without.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe, and Train Hard


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